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This project is retained on codeplex for reference and legal purposes, active development moved to several years ago, please update your bookmarks.

Project Description
Mubox is a multiplexer emulator written in C#/.NET utilizing WPF and WinAPI. It offers "Keyboard Multicast", "Mouse Clone" and multiple-clients locally and remotely. Mubox is an Open-Source (MS-RL) variation of pre-existing closed-source and/or proprietary multiplexer emulators such as 'Octopus', 'Multibox', and 'KeyClone'; though it makes no attempt to replicate the workflow nor features of these applications. It has been developed independently with a focus on obeying the common Terms of Service for most popular MMOs.

Help and Assistance?
If you need end-user assistance please try the Mubox group on Facebook

Documentation on CodePlex will be updated as time permits.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor (docs, release management, feature development) please contact the project coordinator via CodePlex as other methods of contact will be ignored.

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